Yulimar Quintero Trumbo

Educational Programs Founder

Systems Focus Practitioner with over twenty years in international leadership and high-level technical capabilities, Ms. Trumbo is a unique combination of communicator, general thinker, in-depth analyst, effective team trainer and bridge between business partners, clients, and talent within organizations. She is a natural and educating dialogue facilitator, able to gather long-term visions and short-term goals among the most disparate audiences while building a team: the greater the difference in the cultural, linguistic and professional context, the more comfortable and effective she is.


Ms. Trumbo’s talent for understanding and explaining very difficult concepts in a simple way, as well as her ability to change from a C-level perspective to an operational level, has benefited US and foreign companies, as well as international and local NGOs . He has worked directly with C-level executives and senior government officials in more than 35 countries in Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Yulimar earned his University Degree in Engineering, General Systems Theory, Organization Theory, Business Administration, Systems Analysis / Development and Systems Engineer.


This project (Support decision system for the logistics management of the pharmaceutical network) creates a mathematical model to quantify the combination of logistic elements to reach specific levels of customer service. She revived the highest possible rating to the Thesis Project.


He also participated in the Galileo Project and in studies on the Francois Rebelais University of Tours.

Yulimar is convinced that delivering knowledge in a timely and systematic way to entrepreneurs and executives substantially improves the success rate of their projects, hence the boost she gives to the Systemic Business Leadership program.

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